Just For Men “Daughters”

April 16, 2012 8:33 pm

Good advertising ideas are grounded in truth. But truth isn’t always easy to find.

Here’s a secret: the richest wellspring of truth at any client-side company is the Consumer Resources department. They’re the only department in the company that talks to consumers every day. And the only department whose only agenda is to serve actual consumers.

One day I asked our Consumer Resources department what our customers were talking about. They said a surprising number of guys said they decided to get rid of their gray because their daughters asked them to do it.

My art director and I decided to build a commercial around it. It ran in the U.S. and was a big success, so we exported it everywhere we could: the UK, Australia, Mexico, Brazil, Spain. It did well in all those countries too.

If you’re stumped for a good marketing idea, run — don’t walk — to your Consumer Resources department and start asking what consumers are talking about lately.

You’ll be surprised at the riches you can find there.


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