The Steak Sauce Only A Cow Could Hate

April 16, 2012 10:11 pm

It’s not easy to launch a new product when your competitor has a more than 150 year head start, and legend has it that King George IV declared it “A1”.

Rational appeals, gorgeous food shots and feature/benefit advertising didn’t seem likely to persuade people to switch brands.

Lea & Perrins needed something visceral, emotional — something that captured the essential goofiness of men torturing beef over a roaring backyard fire.

This follow-up “Billboard” spot looks simple enough. But on the day we were shooting it, L.A. had freakishly high winds. The production company worried that when we pulled the pins for the billboard to fall down, it would fly off and decapitate everyone in its path. In the end, we got exactly two takes. This is take two.

P.S. One of the things I like about both commercials is that while they are extremely goofy, they are also incredibly product-focused. Most of the time in both spots is spent looking at the bottle of sauce and waiting for the punchline.

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