Cunniff Consulting: Open For Business

June 17, 2012 8:24 pm

After a long career in traditional and digital advertising and 10 client-side years in integrated marketing, I’m now available to consult for marketers, agencies, and media companies.

Integrated Marketing Consulting, Freelance Copywriter New York

At launch, the consulting practice consists of three offerings:

  • Integrated Marketing Consulting
  • Writing and Creative Direction In All Media
  • Multi-Platform Ad Sales Consulting

Integrated Marketing Consulting

If you’re quietly convinced your marketing integration isn’t working as Puzzle Pieces: Integrated Marketingwell as it could, you’re not alone.

  • Few execs can name 3 key actionable insights derived from online analyses in the past month*
  • Fewer than 10% of CMOs say they have a “highly evolved” digital marketing strategy**
  • 36% admit their digital model is a collection of tactical point solutions that are not well integrated**

Marketing has never been more complex, and new digital opportunities arise almost daily. But, the options expand faster than our budgets. As you evaluate paid, owned and earned media, where should you focus your efforts? How much should you invest in each? How can you harness the Feedback Loop? Which metrics make sense? Which “best practices” for digital are actually damaging for consumer brands and should be abandoned?

In workshops with your cross-functional internal and agency teams, I’ll work to understand your business. Then together, we will help focus the team’s efforts and arrive at a single, simple, practical strategy that makes your efforts across all media pack a significantly bigger punch.

When the consulting project is complete, you’ll have a powerful framework for integrated marketing that will make your planning and executing easier every year going forward.

No buzzwords, no jargon, no consultant-speak. You will be able to tell your CEO and board about it in a language that is rarely spoken today: plain English.

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Sources: McKinsey Quarterly, March 2010
; 2012 CMO Council Survey of 200+ global marketing executives

Writing and Creative Direction In All Media

Freelance Copywriter New YorkI can help with whatever you need, from package copy to global integrated campaigns in every medium. Category experience includes:

  • Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)
  • Health and Beauty (HBA)
  • Hair Color and Men’s Grooming
  • E-Commerce
  • Many others

There are dozens (hundreds? thousands? millions?) of talented freelance copywriters who’d be happy to work on your assignment. What makes me different?

  • Experience and perspective, without arrogance. My job is to help you win.
  • I don’t need more awards. But I’m happy to help you win them if you like.
  • Delivery on-time and on-budget. No angst, no drama.
  • I work fast and interact comfortably at any level, including the C-suite.
  • I’m fun to work with. I have a sense of humor about life, and about myself.

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Multi-Platform Ad Sales Consulting

NBC ABC CBS If you’re a multi-platform media company that wants to improve your advertising pitch to clients, I can help.

I’ve seen pitches from both the agency and marketer side and know what gets said after the ad sales people have left the room.  I’ve been around digital since the very beginning and am expert in translating from tech jargon to the language that buyers speak. I can help you make the best pitch for each platform you offer — and help you position the complete multi-platform offering as a must-buy

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