Ad Blocking Wars: The $130 Nuclear Option

September 15, 2015 12:01 pm

Ad BlockingWill billions of dollars of Ad Tech investment and painstakingly built marketing automation tech stacks be undone by a $130 ad blocking box?

Probably not. But… maybe.

Meet AdTrap. It’s a router-level ad blocker that also works on wi-fi. Like their website says, “just plug an AdTrap into your Internet router, and ads will disappear from your entire network.” Carefully pinpointed ads to desktops, laptops, mobile devices, game devices, etc, etc all go away.

Let’s imagine a deliberately extreme — but not at all impossible —  scenario.

$130 isn’t really a lot of money. Nobody quite knows what to buy for certain people in the family for the Holidays anyway.  Tech-savvy Millennials, who are tired of serving as tech support for their parents, grandparents, cousins etc who click sketchy ads and download malware decide AdTrap is the perfect gift.

AdTrap has a huge Holiday season. By December 15, they’re all sold out.

Users love the ad blocking capability. They spread the word on social media.

By May 10, 2016 (a date which the digital marketing industry later refers to as “Judgment Day” like in The Terminator movies) , 70% of US internet users are using AdTrap ad blocking.

By August, hackers in Ireland announce they have found a way to make the ad blocking device work on digital set-top boxes.

It works.

Umm… now what?


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  • Right now, I’m slowing building my empire online. And to be honest, I find ads to be such an eyesore, especially when I’m trying to make my blog and posts look clean. Think I might try this AdTrap – sounds like a really good deal, $130 to make sure you won’t see those annoying ads. 😉

    Thanks Tom for introducing this!

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