First Work For Cunniff Consulting’s New Client: Rocket Fuel

June 26, 2012 11:15 am

UPDATE 6/28/12: Today Rocket Fuel secured an additional $50 million in funding. There is no better feeling than seeing our friends and clients win. Congratulations!

Here’s the first print ad that I wrote for our new client, Rocket Fuel. The company is one of the most exciting companies in Silicon Valley (#22 in Forbes Most Promising Companies in America list.)


Rocket FuelWhat Rocket Fuel does is amazing: they harness artificial intelligence and big data to transform digital media campaigns into self-optimizing engines that learn and adapt in real-time. CEO George John co-authored a seminal paper on relevance that became one of the top-ten most-cited papers in AI, won a National Science Foundation fellowship, and worked for NASA in the summers.

Thanks to everybody at Rocket Fuel — and especially to CMO Eric Porres — for being Cunniff Consulting’s first client. Advertising is easy — and exciting — to write when the product is this good.

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