Dove Real Beauty Sketches: Have We Made Emotional Ads Impossible Online?

April 17, 2013 12:51 pm

Originally published at Jack Myers’ Media Biz Bloggers

Unilever recently launched a remarkable TV campaign for Dove called “Dove Real Beauty Sketches.”

Its power is that it reveals a lot about how women think of themselves.

It also reveals a lot about how we think about digital marketing.

Watch the spot below.

YouTube Preview Image

Now, take this simple 5 question test.

  1. How would this execution fare in digital A/B testing vs. a free offer?
  2. What data, based on previous A/B testing, would have led to this execution?
  3. Would this ad be deemed successful if it was based on CTR? Conversion?
  4. What KPI would you optimize this ad for?
  5. Are the things we “know” about digital marketing good for building brands, or not?

Extra credit questions:

  1. As a digital ad, would this ever have made it out of your digital agency’s office without a call to action?
  2. If it did, would you have had the courage to approve it?

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